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Hot Club of Los Angeles - Swingin’ the Cinema Bar since 2011 - (dir. Bill Megalos)
Hot Club of Los Angeles - Django/Caravan - June 8, 2023
Jackson Browne & Hot Club of Los Angeles - A Thousand Kisses Deep - Dec 18, 2023
Jackson Browne & Hot Club of Los Angeles - Dear Jackson - Dec 18, 2023
Hot Club of Los Angeles - Nuages - June 8, 2023
Hot Club of Los Angeles - Carlotta’s Galop - June 8, 2023
Hot Club of Los Angeles - Pompeville/Made In France - June 8, 2023
Hot Club of Los Angeles - Óči čjórnye (Black Eyes)- June 8, 2023

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About Hot Club of Los Angeles

"Hot Club of Los Angeles keeps Gypsy Jazz alive." -LA Weekly
Experience the Magic of Gypsy Jazz...

"Hot Club of Los Angeles keeps Gypsy Jazz alive." -LA Weekly

“This band is an LA treasure.” -Jackson Browne

“Best live music experience in town!” -Mike Myers, Santa Monica Arts Commission

"Hot Club’s brand of virtuoso, Django-style 1930s gypsy swing jazz is found nowhere else and even if it was, it couldn’t possibly be this good. These guys are masters, individually and collectively. You will find it hard to stop smiling all night." - Santa Monica Daily Press

"First class all the way" - Midwest Record

"The album has dazzling guitar and keyboard solos and interplay with refined subtle energy that keeps the listener totally engaged. This is clean, refreshing music – gypsy jazz made new again."
- Glide Magazine


Hot Club of Los Angeles is proud to present Nova, the third release from the celebrated “nuevo Django” ensemble that’s been hailed by none other than Jackson Browne as “an LA treasure.” HCLA brings excitement, irresistible swing and raw talent to its take on gypsy jazz, a hybrid style pioneered by Belgian guitarist Django Reinhardt (1910-1953) and the Quintette du Hot Club de France in 1930s Paris. On Nova the quintet shares a collection of 15 varied numbers ranging from classic and contemporary gypsy jazz, bossa nova, French chanson and traditional Roma fare to film soundtrack, jazz standards and originals composed by the group’s members. Formed in 2011, the group brought together local established musicians with backgrounds in country, jazz, pop, folk, rock, blues and world music. The current lineup, which includes founding members, drummer Jim Doyle and accordionist/pianist Carl Byron, along with bassist Paul Eckman and acoustic fretmasters Josh Workman and Jake Bluenote, draws on widely varied experience and eclectic taste, yielding a unique and modern approach to the storied “Hot Club” sound. Widely loved for its Monday-night residency at The Cinema Bar in Culver City since 2011, HCLA also served as the house band for Jackson Browne’s Artists for Peace and Justice benefits in 2017- 18, backing up Jeff Bridges, Adam Sandler, Gaby Moreno, Jack Black, T-Bone Burnett, Petra Haden and other major stars. The group has welcomed Browne to perform mini-sets at The Cinema Bar, accompanied Devo’s Gerald Casale, and hosted visiting trad and gypsy jazz luminaries on the bandstand regularly. HCLA has also graced stages at Clifton’s Brookdale Ballroom, DjangoFest in Las Vegas, the Festival of Arts of Laguna Beach, Jazzville in Palm Springs and many more. The band’s cosmopolitan approach serves it well on Nova while tackling everything from Reinhardt staples “Belleville” and “Swing 42” to Nino Rota’s “Carlotta’s Galop” (from Fellini’s 1963 classic 8 1⁄2), with a rousing ensemble vocal on the latter. The other vocal features are “Que Reste-t-il de Nos Amours” and “Les Feuilles Mortes” (better known as the standards “I Wish You Love” and “Autumn Leaves”) with their original seldom-heard French lyrics sung by Carl Byron in consummate style, and an uproarious version of the Roma traditional “Cdaje Šukarije” (“Beautiful Girl”), heartily sung by Jake Bluenote in the Romano-Serbian language. Then there’s “Django,” something of a double tribute, composed in honor of Reinhardt by pianist John Lewis as a showpiece for the Modern Jazz Quartet. “Made in France,” meanwhile, is a bop-oriented line by one of Reinhardt’s greatest present- day guitar disciples, Biréli Lagrène. Byron wrote the vivacious leadoff track “Château 22,” one of four solid contributions alongside “Valselona,” the off-kilter “Inference” and the breakneck “Pompedale” (a reference to the gypsy jazz rhythm guitar style “La Pompe”). The group sound is polished, the improvisations fleet and superbly engaging, with Josh Workman’s crisp, unflappable first-chair guitar prominently featured; Workman’s “Bossa Lola” is a quality vehicle as well. “Josh is a supreme musician who fires us up every night,” says Byron. “When our former first-chair guitar left, I immediately recruited Josh after he’d moved to LA.” Bluenote antes up with the banjo-infused “Raincloud Two-Step” and the gorgeous waltz “The Old Kingfisher,” with Byron on piano. “Jake is a rock,” declares Doyle. “He’s a hell of a musician.” Workman adds, “He’s got all this Balkan music. The fun thing about this band is that we all come at it from different angles.” Byron also highlights Eckman’s vital role: “Paul is our backbone. He’s a veteran first-call bassist with an encyclopedic knowledge of music that adds depth to everything we perform.” With its adventurous repertoire and broadminded musical outlook, Hot Club of Los Angeles continues to gain fans and friends across a wide range of the listening public. Building from the initial Reinhardt inspiration, the group stays creatively restless and fresh, looking to draw historical connections and have fun while doing it. “Roots music encompasses a lot of what we consider gypsy jazz,” Byron has told The Argonaut. “Willie Nelson from way back was singing his own version of ‘Nuages’; he’s a huge Django Reinhardt fan. Western swing, roots music, gypsy music and even rockabilly all intersect in various ways.” Byron also notes, “Django never stopped evolving. That constantly inspires us.” Nova, a fine follow-up to previous HCLA releases Cinema Swing and Django’s Tiger, is a musical discovery, opening a window into music’s past, present and future.


Jim Doyle
(drums/vocal; co-founder)

JIM DOYLE (drums/vocal; co-founder)

Jim is a founding member of Hot Club of Los Angeles and also serves as the band’s producer. His credits as a lauded drummer/percussionist sideman and session musician include work with Jackson Browne, Brian Setzer, Paul Overstreet, Joan Osborne, Tim Armstrong, Gerald Casale (Devo), Ted Russell Kamp, John Nau, Jeff Turmes and Charlie Terrell among many others. Jim’s drums can also be heard on film and TV soundtracks. He also produces and records a wide array of artists and bands in his recording studio, Doyle Audio

Carl Byron
(piano/accordion/vocals; co-founder)

Carl is a founding member of Hot Club of Los Angeles. Hailed by the Los Angeles Times as a "musical ace," he records and performs with a wide range of artists and ensembles as a keyboardist, composer/arranger and music director. Carl has worked with artists including Rita Coolidge, Jackson Browne, Stray Cat Lee Rocker, Anne McCue, Michelle Shocked, Lori Lieberman, Deana Carter, Bo Diddley, Austin Hanks, Warren Zevon, Jim Lauderdale, Duane Jarvis, Ben Vaughn, the Young Dubliners, Spencer Davis Group, Shane Alexander, Donna Loren, Mike Stoller & Gerry Goffin; and with producers David Kahne, Dusty Wakeman, David Baerwald, Peter Case, Ed Tree, David Bianco, Eric Corne, Val Garay, Ira Ingber, Sheldon Gomberg and Moris Tepper among many others. The repertoire of Hot Club of Los Angeles features some of Carl’s gypsy jazz compositions. 

Paul Eckman 

Paul is an in-demand upright and electric bass virtuoso and composer. He joined Hot Club of Los Angeles in 2015. Paul has recorded and performed with an impressive range of top flight acts, including Jessie Baylin, Peter Case, Rick Vito, Trini Lopez, Connie Stevens, Jake LaBotz, Jeff Turmes, and many others. Paul is also the bandleader of Orchestra Superstring, an instrumental ensemble that fuses an exotic, hypnotic blend of Afro-Cuban, Latin and other World music styles on its albums “Orchestra Superstring” and “Easy”; which feature other notable members, including DJ Bonebrake, Danny Frankel and Debra Dobkin. Paul has also contributed his own original gypsy jazz compositions to Hot Club of Los Angeles’ repertoire. 

Jake Bluenote

Jake is a guitar, mandolin and banjo virtuoso at home in a wealth of diverse styles, including gypsy jazz. He joined Hot Club of Los Angeles in 2016. A poet, metaphysician, member in good standing of The Dodgson Rangers and prolific multi-instrumentalist, recordist, and songwriter, Jake’s breadth of unusual musical interests and talents is surpassed only by the extent of his philosophical and musical vision. He is a specialist in all things counter, original, spare and strange. Jake’s own Electric Eden is a musical universe where mammoths roam the Berkshire downs and banjos ring out side-by-side with paisley plainsong and the peals of a Rickenbacker bass. 

Josh Workman

Josh is a master guitarist, heralded for his work as a former member of The Hot Club of San Francisco and lauded for his supreme command of diverse musical styles, including gypsy jazz. He joined Hot Club of Los Angeles in 2017. Josh’s extensive credits as a sideman and session musician include work with Jon Hendricks, Benny Green, Lynda Carter, Indigo Swing, Brian Setzer, Deborah Harry, The Jazz Passengers and many others. His performances and compositions have been featured on film, TV and video game soundtracks. Josh also writes for Guitar Player, Premier Guitar, and other music publications. His album ‘Jumpin’ at the Border’ received critical acclaim in many publications, including Downbeat, and is featured on jazz radio playlists. Josh also teaches guitar at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA.


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